Haiti Youth Orchestra- December 2016

After a quick visit to the Haiti Youth Orchestra in December, it was very clear to me that the Haitian musicians had improved immensely from June. Like usual, I spent several hours working with the musicians: first listening to the amazing new music they had learned since I last visited them, then leading clinics, working with the strings, and teaching master classes. After two days of working with them, Maestro Mackly politely asked that I please leave so the orchestra could have a ‘closed rehearsal’ preparing for the concert that evening. Maestro Mackly later explained to me that the concert featured us Americans as their “special guests” and he didn’t want us to hear them play before this special concert. 

That night, we were, once again, shocked by the amazing spectacle of the concert. Set in the church jam-packed with hundreds of local Haitians, the orchestra wowed us all. This nearly 2-hour performance featuring speeches by Maestro Mackly, Pére Alphonse (the priest of the Episcopal Church in Mirebalais) and several orchestra members proved just how proud the members and the community was of their Haiti Youth Orchestra. The program included a beautiful flute duet of the popular American piece “Say Something,” Christmas tunes such as “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”, and finally “The Star-Spangled Banner”! It was a beautiful week.  


HYO Visits CSO

What an amazing weekend it was for the HYO! Sitting in on rehearsals on stage, private lessons from CSO musicians, and playing in the lobby before the CSO performances on Friday and Saturday, Peter, David, and Fencia had an amazing time working with the CSO. Thank you so much to everyone in The Colorado Symphony Orchestra for working with the Haitian students this weekend. It was amazing!!!   

Visa Process is Successful!

  Yesterday marked a very important day for 3 young musicians and the St. Pierre Orchestra as a whole. These three young musicians traveled to Port-Au-Prince to finally obtain the Visas that will grant them the ability to visit the United States.

As sort of a part 2 to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra trip in June, these 3 Haitian musicians will visit Colorado in November to learn, study with, and play alongside the Colorado Symphony Orcheatra. It will truly be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for these 3 young musicians who have never left Haiti in all of their lives. 

However, to make this wonderful trip happen, we need about $4,000 more. Please visit the link at the bottom if you are able and willing to make any amount of donation towards this special experience for these young, aspiring musicians. Any amount of help would be very greatly appreciated!!!


Haiti Youth Orchestra Music Camp Day 3

 Day 3 of the music camp began rather smoothly, as many of the students were finished with their exams, so there was much less confusion. Helen, Paul, and Abby all branched out again to have small clinic’s with whoever was able to show up. However, the students seemed noticeably more motivated and excited this morning, as the final concert was scheduled for that evening. Students ran around in between exams and music lessons to prepare for the concert. Between the morning and afternoon rehearsal sessions, we American musicians, along with all 49 Haitian musicians were greeted with an enourmous feast, which was meant to be as a thank you/congratulations to all musicians for all of the hard work that happened in the previous days. The sheer amount of food that was prepared for 55 people to feast was nothing short of amazing. After a final rehearsal/sound check, students returned home to change and eat before the concert. 

The Concert Program
Maestro Mackly working with the beginner orchestra
Helen Teaching Vibrato