Haiti Youth Orchestra Music Camp-Day 2

The second morning of the camp had a similar schedule because of the national exams that many of the musicians had to take in the morning. When we arrived at 8, only a few musicians were available and more trickled in as the morning went on. But, even with this obvious organization hindrance and the morning distraction from a kindergarten graduation happenin just outside the classrooms, the CSO musicians yielded equally high results as the first day. They reviewed all of the music from yesterday, while learning Handel’s “Water Music,” a very difficult piece. And, with this new challenge, we were reminded of the students’ dedication and pride for their music, as they worked harder today than ever to complete this hard piece of music. The day concluded with a full orchestra rehearsal again, where CSO musicians played alongside the Haitian musicians, which was again, very special to see. The CSO musicians were even able to showcase their trio, playing a piece that amazed all the Haitian students.  With 2 great days behind us, and the final day upon us, the preparation for the special concert begins!  

2 thoughts on “Haiti Youth Orchestra Music Camp-Day 2

  1. denverrich

    Love these updates!! You guys and the St. Pierre kids are rolling with the challenges and obviously accomplishing so much. You can see the dedication and intensity to learn from each other on all your faces. Can’t wait to see the final concert tomorrow.


  2. How exciting! MAN, I’d sure love to be there listening to all that preparation and then… the big show. Those musicians have so much to be thankful for and very proud of. Thanks to Z and Colorado Symphony Orchestra!


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