So amazed with these kids!











November 7, 2012


We are back to work on my Haiti Youth Orchestra Project. I came not knowing at all what to expect. I conld have gotten here and seen them know nothing, or I could have had my mind blown away. I had heard they hired a strings teacher but I did not know if he was any good, if he was a strings teacher, or if there was even a teacher at all. I came and was nearly blown away. The strings teacher is great; I use the Suzuki method for all of my instruments and it turns out, he is a violin player and completed all 10 Suzuki books for violin (A very hard thing to do.) He speaks great english and is actually fluent in more that 7 languages! He has been slowly teaching the students technique and the very beginning songs in the book, like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. There are about 8 kids, each of them designated to violin, viola, or cello. I have heard them all play Twinkle together and I am nearly in tears. It is amazing.



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