Long but Productive Last Day in Haiti



May 26, 2012

Image 28Image 27


From Zach: “Today was a day full of learning, fun, and hard work. I first arrived at the school and showed all of the kids all of the instruments, there were about 70 kids there (pretty good for a Saturday :~).) I then did two master classes with about 5 kids in each. I did 2 violin lessons, 1.5 cello lessons, and 1 viola lesson. Then I had a mass lesson with the whole group (all 70 kids) I called up a few and taught them in front of everybody. Then I taught all of the teachers every instrument so they can help the students practice. In the afternoon, I did a few private one on one lessons with the best kids (and I was VERY surprised with how talented all of these kids were, it was amazing.) It was a truly life-changing experience, I am so glad I did it, and am hoping to go again soon. Teaching the kids was amazing, but i think I have had enough “hot cross buns” and “Twinkle” for the day:~)”

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